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Update September 2018:

We are very lucky to have aquired some Avgen Welsummers this season. We are very happy with the egg colour and have conducted a number of fertility checks and we are now releasing small quantities of fertile eggs.

For those that do not know, Avgen import birds form the UK and as the Welsummer in Australia have lighter eggs than the UK, the darker eggs are well sought after in Australia to breed darkness into our existing flocks

Pictured left: Welsummer eggs from our pens against a Marans colour chart - as they are developing they are getting nice and dark (below - pic taken July 2019). We are thrilled with both the quality of the birds and their egg colour/size

Welsummers are beautiful European birds, sought after for their dark brown eggs, In Australia the Welsummer eggs are known to be a lot lighter than the original UK Welsummer, but now due to the Avgen Imports we are able to bring the darker egg colour into our Australian birds.

As well as their lovely personality and temperament! Welsummers are a very popular chicken in backyards across the world – for a number of great reasons.


The Welsummer lives to approximately 9 years of age.

Welsummers are known as a ‘continental’ class breed – defined as large birds that have a Continental European origin.


Welsummer chickens are very common in Australia both in urban backyards and in rural locations because of their calm, friendly temperament.


The Welsummer originates from the small village of Welsum, located in the Netherlands. They became popular due to the lovely dark brown hue of their eggs. The Bantam variety was created in the 1930s, by enthusiasts from Germany and England. In Britain, the large version of the Welsummer is one of the most popular chicken breeds in the country.

Spelt as ‘Welsumer’ in Britain and the US

Welsummer are an auto sexing breed – the females have a darker coloured head.

Current Use/Purpose

The Welsummer was primarily bred as a table bird, and has a decent amount of meat available for this purpose. Their dark brown eggs are also sought after, because of their beautiful rich pigment.

Personality and Temperament

Welsummers are very calm, friendly and docile birds that fit in egg-ceptionally well to urban and rural backyard flocks. They don’t mind being handled by their chicken keepers, and are happy to be kept in a coop area if you can’t let them free range. If they can be let out, they will love foraging and exploring the backyard as well.